The Capital Facilities and Technological Needs component supports the goals of the MHSA and the provision of MHSA services. The planned use of the Capital Facilities and Technological Needs funds should produce long term impacts with lasting benefits that move the mental health system towards the goals of wellness, recovery, resiliency, cultural competence, prevention/early intervention, and expansion of opportunities for accessible community-based services for clients and their families which promote reduction in disparities to underserved groups.

These efforts include development of a variety of technology uses and strategies and/or of community-based facilities which support integrated service experiences that are culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Funds may also be used to support an increase in peer-support and consumer-run facilities, development of community-based, less restrictive settings that will reduce the need for incarceration or institutionalization, and the development of a technological infrastructure for the mental health system to facilitate the highest quality, cost-effective services and supports for clients and their families.