CSS System Development

  • Activities that improve programs, services, and supports for community members experiencing mental health concerns. 
  • Activities that help Glenn County improve programs, services and supports for all clients and families and are used to change services delivery systems and build transformational programs and services.
  • Services that may include client and family services, such as peer support, education and advocacy services, and mobile crisis services. 
  • Services that emphasize wellness, recovery and resiliency and offer integrated services for clients of all ages and their families. Services are delivered in a timely manner and are sensitive to the cultural needs of each individual.  

Community Service and Supports (CSS) funding created a strong foundation of programs, including the Full Service Partnership Program (FSP); outreach and engagement activities; general system development programs; and the two wellness centers. Glenn County's plan currently includes the following programs. 

  • Outreach and Engagement Activities
  • SMART Team Services
  • Telepsychiatry Services
  • Wellness Center Activities 
  • Crisis Services (including access)
  • Housing Services