The GCBH Workforce Education and Training (WET) program provides training components, career pathways, and financial incentive programs to staff, volunteers, clients, and family members.
In FY 2020/21, GCBH will transfer funds from CSS to the WET component, to continue staff education and training programs. These funds will be used to support the activities implemented through the previous WET allocations, including a contract with Relias Learning for access to its online training curriculum. Staff utilize this program to complete various trainings, including the completion of courses for CEUs.

In addition, GCBH will continue to offer a stipend to MSW and/or MFT interns who are working at the mental health clinic, to help pay for mileage and other expenses, including required supervision. This program allows GCBH to recruit individuals from California State University, Chico, and other institutional organizations, who might otherwise be unable to intern in Glenn County due to commuting costs.

Additional transfers to WET may occur in Future MHSA Annual Updates, as funding allows. 

WET funding will also be used to provide secondary trauma training for staff, as well as allow staff to attend other training events as needed.