Purpose: to increase access to underserved groups; to increase the quality of services, including better outcomes; to promote interagency collaboration; and/or to increase access to services, including but not limited to, services provided through permanent supportive housing

Innovative Approaches: introduce new mental health practices or approaches, including to PEI; makes a change to an existing mental health practice or approach, including adaption for a new setting or community; introduce a new application to the mental health system a promising community practice or non-mental health setting; and/or participating in a housing program designed to stabilize a living situation while providing on site services

Glenn County’s current five-year Innovation Plan, the Crisis Response and Community Connections (CRCC) program, utilizes a multi-disciplinary team approach to collaboratively identify individuals who have a mental illness and are in crisis, providing a coordinated system of immediate response, as quickly as possible, and providing linkage to ongoing services through GCBH. The CRCC team is comprised of behavioral health clinicians, with a specialization of working with persons with a dual-diagnosis (mental health and substance use disorder); case managers, with a preference for hiring persons with lived experience, and a part-time Sheriff’s Deputy who will be available to accompany the CRCC team in the community to respond to crisis situations. The CRCC team is stationed in both Willows and Orland, and responds to crisis situations county-wide.

The CRCC program promotes interagency and community collaboration related to mental health and substance use treatment services, supports, and outcomes. The CRCC program enhances collaborative processes across several agencies, including Behavioral Health, the Sheriff’s Office, CWS, Probation, and local emergency department and hospital staff in order to improve the continuity of care for persons in crisis and/or utilizing intensive services.

Innovation Project Proposal and Overview