Plans and partners are the key to every response. On this page we have provided links to many of our response partners. Also you will find core emergency management plans for the County of Glenn.

County of Glenn Emergency Plans

Glenn County Operational Area Emergency Operations Plan (OA EOP)

The OA EOP is the overall emergency response framework providing guidance for an integrated response including the county of Glenn and the cities of Orland and Willows. This document is consists of a Basic Plan and functional annexes.  The Basic Plan provides the structure and organization of the Glenn County Operational Area (OA) emergency management, identifies individual roles and responsibilities, describes the concept of operations, and identifies how the County and OA integrate in the State and Federal emergency management operations systems. Functional Annexes contain procedures that the County and Operational Area of Glenn follow for critical functions during emergency operations. 

Glenn County Public Health and Medical Emergency Operations Plan (PH-Med EOP)

The PH-Med EOP provides guidance specific to public health and medical response. This Plan covers specific hazards to health and medical including infectious disease and bio-terrorism. The document defines Health Officer authority and the Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC), both of which are key to medical and health response in California. This plan can be accessed through the link below. 

Glenn County Public Health & Medical Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) 

The Glenn County Special Pathogens Infectious Disease Emergency Response Plan or SPIDER, provides Public Health with procedures for the identification, investigation and mitigation of highly infectious diseases including emerging or novel diseases. 

Glenn County SPIDER Plan 

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