Providing our First Responders with the training and tools they need to serve our community during times of disaster.

Disaster Training

Online Trainings

  • ICS/NIMS training - Incident Command System and National Incident Management System training is the core for any responder, whether you are a volunteer or paid staff. Introduction to ICS (IS 100) provides an overview of the standardized command system. ICS for Single Resources and Initial Actions Incidents (IS 200) provides context to the incident command system and is required for frontline supervisory staff in incident operations. Introduction to the National Incident Management System (IS 700) provides an overview of the multi-faceted national response system. These trainings can be completed free online through FEMA. Certificates for basic ICS courses may be required for employment or to participate in one of our volunteer organizations who support response operations.


  • Just in Time Flood Response Training - This online training is provided by the Mid and Upper Sacramento River Regional Flood Management. The Just in Time Flood Response Training Program is designed to provide essential levee patrol, flood fight, and SEMS/NEMS training for the emergency levee worker where extreme time constraints apply. This course is made up of five modules each addressing a different topic. Videos can be watched in any order. Recommended videos are also organized by position. To access the video/online training, click the link below:

Upcoming Training 

  • ARC Psychological 1st Aid Training - June 14, 2024 at Glenn County Office of Education 131 E. Walker St. Orland, CA
  • AFN TTX and Workshop - May 1, 2024 at Glenn County Office of Education 131 E. Walker St. Orland, CA
  • AWR 209: Working with the Media - First Responders - Enloe Health Conference Center, Chico, CA - March 18, 2024
    • AWR 209 is a DHS/FEMA-certified, 8-hour, tuition-free course designed to provide rural first responders with the skills and knowledge to quickly adopt the role of public information officer (PIO) if/when needed and to communicate with the public through the media. Many rural first responder organizations do not have a full or part-time PIO on staff. Click to register for this course.

Past Trainings


Past Exercises

SAR Ex 2022

Glenn County Search and Rescue Exercise - SAR Ex 2022

Glenn County Sheriff’s Office conducted a multi-agency response exercise on Saturday, November 12th, 2022, at Black Butte Lake. The Search and Rescue (SAR) and Office of Emergency Services (OES) divisions planned and directed this training exercise which involved 35 participants from Glenn County Sheriff’s Office, Glenn County Office of Emergency Services (OES), Glenn County Search and Rescue, Sutter County Sheriff’s Office – Search and Rescue and Posse, Colusa County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, and US Army Corps of Engineers – Black Butte Lake.

This annual exercise focused on command and control, mapping and communications, and search and rescue operations. The scenario involved a group who became stranded on a boat on Black Butte Lake. Some of the party set out on foot to find assistance and then became lost. This scenario tested our teams in multiple ways and involved the use of the Sheriff’s Office drone to search by air, off-road vehicles and search parties who conducted a thorough search by foot of the surrounding area.

The Search and Rescue teams practiced interview skills with simulated reporting parties, responded to the scene utilizing boat transport via Army Corps and off-road vehicles, identified clues and evidence, utilized tracking, mapping, and investigation skills, and completed a safe rescue of the missing persons. The SAR teams communicated with incident command utilizing VHF radio communications and incident command utilized GPS tracking of the search teams via Cal-Topo mapping system.

Search and Rescue (SAR) is an all-volunteer organization under the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office. Volunteers donate countless hours to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office and to our community.  The response capabilities for both SAR and OES have been greatly improved due to the response equipment acquired through multiple grants and donations over the past 5 years. Without our volunteers, donations, and grants, this program and the service it provides to the community, would not be possible.


Shelter Exercise 2022

  • Glenn County Sheriff's Office - Office of Emergency Services in conjunction with Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) - Emergency Preparedness Unit hosted a multi-agency training exercise at the Glenn County Fairgrounds on October 25, 2022. This training exercise focused on the activation and operation of an emergency shelter following a simulated fire which resulted in resident evacuations. Participants included Glenn County Sheriff's Office (OES, SAR, VIPS), Health and Human Services Agency, Orland PD - VIPS, CHP, American Red Cross, SSV-EMS, and Plumas County, Shasta County, Tehama County emergency preparedness teams. This exercise trained over 50 responders in mass care and sheltering operations.
  • Mass Vaccination Exercise – October 20, 2022
  • Glenn County Public Health conducted it's annual mass vaccination flu clinic exercise at the Glenn County Fairgrounds. This training exercise focused on the implementation of the Mass Prophylaxis Dispensing Plan that is in place for infectious disease epidemics and pandemics. The exercise utilized the real delivery of seasonal flu vaccine to the public through a drive through dispensing model. 


Glenn County Five Year Integrate Preparedness Plan

The Glenn County Operational Area Integrated Preparedness Plan (IPP) is a comprehensive plan that focuses on all elements of preparedness including plans, equipment, organization, training, and exercise. This Plan is formed by assessing threats, hazards, capabilities and gaps. The plan prioritizes preparedness needs and sets goals for completion. This document was formerly the Training and Exercise Plan (TEP), but was expanded to the IPP in 2021. The IPP is created and maintained by Sheriff's Office - Office of Emergency Services with input from responder agencies through out the Operational Area. The Glenn County 5 year IPP can be accessed here.

*Page update 12/6/2023

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