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Know your Zone Glenn County 

We are currently in the process of developing evacuation zones for Glenn County. We are in the finally stages on this project and anticipated full rollout in September 2022. This project is a joint project with Glenn County Sheriff’s Office - OES and Glenn County Planning and Community Development Department. The map and information on the evacuation zones will be hosted here.

Glenn County Evacuation Zones

Glenn County has developed 165 pre-defined evacuation zones that are organized in to 20 community areas. Each zone begins with a 3 letter community designation followed by the zone number. Example Orland community designation is ORL, followed by a zone number example ORL-1. Zone numbers per community start in the north-west corner of the community/fire district area and are in numerical order left to right (west to east), and from the top of the community down (north to south). Each zone includes a description of the borders which are roadways, water ways, or county line. Residents are encouraged to know there community designation and zone number.

A list of evacuation zones including zone border descriptions can be found by opening this document: Evacuation Zone Sortable Excel Table,   Evacuation Zone Table PDF

Coming soon - GIS live map - September 2022 

An Arc-GIS map will be posted soon which will allow residents to see the evacuation zone map and search their address to easily identify their evacuation zone.


Community Evacuation Zone Prefix List

Communities on the Westside of Glenn County:

  • Newville - NEW
  • Chrome - CHM
  • Grindstone – GRD
  • Elk Creek - ELK
  • Kanawha – KAW
  • Fruto – FRT
  • Clarks Valley – CLV
  • Indian Valley – INV
  • US Forest Service Mendocino – FSM

Communities in Central Glenn County:

  • Orland – ORL
  • Artois – ART
  • Willows – WIL


Communities on the East side of Glenn County:

  • Capay – CAP 
  • Hamilton City – HAM
  • Ord Bend - ORD
  • Bayliss – BAY
  • Glenn – GLN
  • Codora – COD
  • Butte City – BUC
  • Afton - AFT




An Evacuation Warning is issued when conditions exist which indicate an Evacuation Order may be given in the near future. The threat to lives is not yet imminent, but due to the potential for rapidly changing conditions to develop into a serious threat, the public is advised to prepare for the issue of an Evacuation Order.

  • Residents are advised to leave the area.
    • Those with special evacuation needs, such as care facilities or those with special transportation needs are particularly encouraged to leave as soon as possible after the Evacuation Warning is issued.
  • Businesses are advised to take whatever precautions they deem necessary for protecting equipment and/or inventory.
  • Access to the area under an Evacuation Warning is unrestricted.

Evacuation Warnings may also be issued when a Mandatory Evacuation order has been lifted in an area but the conditions in the area remain subject to rapid change and could again become serious.


An Evacuation Order is issued where there is an immediate threat to life in a defined area. The danger is imminent. An Evacuation Order is given pursuant to the Penal Code Section 409.5, and is lawfully enforceable.

  • All non-essential persons are ordered to immediately leave the area via the described evacuation routes.
  • Persons are legally required to leave the affected area due to threat to life.

An Evacuation Order requires the immediate movement of people out of an affected area due to an imminent threat to life. Choosing to stay could result in loss of life. Staying may also impede the work of emergency personnel. Due to the changing nature of the emergency, an Evacuation Order may be the only alert that people receive in the affected area (s).