Dry Well Reporting


To report a dry well, complete the County of Glenn Well Incident Report 

Glenn County Well Incident Report

  •  The County of Glenn is asking all members of the community who are experiencing groundwater supply issues to complete this form. The information requested is crucial to our ability to develop a statistical analysis to better understand our groundwater system, to identify patterns and trends, and to establish a clear understanding of the impact that the drought is having on our community. The information will also assist the County in forecasting the potential future impacts that this drought will have on our community and will allow us to develop measures that will mitigate those impacts on our residents. In addition, this information will provide valuable support for our request for State and Federal resources and will encourage a spirit of cooperation between all levels of government. Your participation will ensure that we develop community-based solutions that will meet the needs of our residents.  
  • For assistance completing the well incident report, contact the Glenn County Planning and Community Development Department at 530-934-6540

Additional option: California Department of Water Resources State Household Water Supply Shortage Reporting System