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Colusa Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan Annual Reports


Glenn County Mental Health Provider Manual

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Glenn County Mental Health Provider Manual.pdf (653.32 KB) 653.32 KB

Report – New Agricultural Water Well Restriction, Glenn County Urgency Ordinance #1301


Home Occupation Permits


Reference document

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DRAFT Glenn County Housing Study Jan 2020 (1.96 MB) 1.96 MB



Glenn County Strategic Prevention Plan 2023-2026

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SUDS Strategic Prevention Plan (783.08 KB) 783.08 KB
MH Strategic Suicide Prevention Plan 2023-2026 (1.15 MB) 1.15 MB

Health & Human Services Agency Annual Reports


The Annual Report provides a snapshot of our Agency’s performance and achievements for the most recent fiscal year.

If you cannot view this PDF document, please call (530)934-6514 to have a copy mailed to you.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Glenn County will make available to persons with a disability, disability-related modification or accommodations.  If requested, this document and other materials can be made available in an alternative format for persons with a disability who are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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HHSA Annual Report FY 17-18 (15.78 MB) 15.78 MB

Quality Improvement Plan - Glenn MHP

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Quality Improvement Plan FY 2023/24 (646.11 KB) 646.11 KB

Glenn County Glenn County Multi-Jurisdiction Mitigation Plan

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Glenn County MJHMP 100918.pdf (21.16 MB) 21.16 MB
GPA 2018-001, MJHMP for PC.pdf (23.94 MB) 23.94 MB

Site Plan Review

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SPR2022-001, Von Bargen, Agriculture Storage, Approval Notice.pdf (4.48 MB) 4.48 MB
SPR2022-002, Knowles, Shed Row, Approval Notice.pdf (1.65 MB) 1.65 MB
SPR2022-003, Garcia, Approval Notice.pdf (2.43 MB) 2.43 MB
SPR2022-004, Fookes, Approval Notice.pdf (8.05 MB) 8.05 MB
SPR2022-005, Weststeyn Solar, Approval Notice.pdf (7.61 MB) 7.61 MB
SPR2022-007, Irvin, Approval Notice.pdf (5.19 MB) 5.19 MB
SPR2022-008, HCC. INC. Approval Notice.pdf (716.6 KB) 716.6 KB
SPR2022-009, Booker, Approval Notice,.pdf (15.3 MB) 15.3 MB
SPR 2022-010, Olmos, Approval Notice.pdf (1.92 MB) 1.92 MB
SPR2022-011, Baugher, Approval Notice.pdf (2.26 MB) 2.26 MB
SPR2022-012, Vereschagin Farms Solar, Approval Notice.pdf (14.19 MB) 14.19 MB
SPR2022-013, CAL-Olive Ranch, Approval Notice.pdf (15.54 MB) 15.54 MB
SPR2022-014, Carriere, Sign and Flags, Approval Notice.pdf (1.12 MB) 1.12 MB
SPR2022-015, McPherrin, Approval Notice.pdf (15.58 MB) 15.58 MB
SPR2022-016, Adam Suhre, Approval Notice.pdf (1.58 MB) 1.58 MB
SPR2022-017, Daniel Suhre, Approval Notice.docx.pdf (1.74 MB) 1.74 MB
SPR2023-001, Friesen Approval Notice.pdf (1.99 MB) 1.99 MB
SPR 2023-002, Fahey, Approval Notice.pdf (2.77 MB) 2.77 MB
SPR 2023-003, Sierra Nevada Cheese, Approval Notice.pdf (1.72 MB) 1.72 MB
SPR2023-004, Giesbrecht, Approval Notice.pdf (5.66 MB) 5.66 MB
SPR2023-005, Cal Coast, Approval Notice.pdf (3.85 MB) 3.85 MB
SPR2023-006, Vazquez, Approval Notice.pdf (1.68 MB) 1.68 MB
SPR2023-007, Anthony, Approval Notice.pdf (3.15 MB) 3.15 MB
SPR2023-008, Ceccon, Approval Notice.pdf (1.48 MB) 1.48 MB
SPR2023-009, Ledbetter Electric Inc., Approval Notice.pdf (19.64 MB) 19.64 MB
SPR2023-010, CCE, Request for Review.pdf (7.29 MB) 7.29 MB
SPR2023-010, CCE Solar, Approval Notice.pdf (8.58 MB) 8.58 MB
SPR2024-001, Pro Petroleum LLC, Application Withdrawal_0.pdf (3.49 MB) 3.49 MB
SPR2024-002, Medina, Request for Review.pdf (1.42 MB) 1.42 MB
SPR2024-003, Cabral, Approval.pdf (1.76 MB) 1.76 MB

Voluntary Mergers/Certificates of Compliance


Conditional Use Permits

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CUP 2020-005, North State Hulling, Request for Review.pdf (14.86 MB) 14.86 MB
CUP2021-001, Recycling Facility, Request for Review (13.08 MB) 13.08 MB
CUP2021-002, Songbird Landscaping, Request for Review.pdf (13.89 MB) 13.89 MB
CUP2021-003, Sierra Nevada Cheese, Alcoholic Beverage Sales, Request for Review.pdf (8.71 MB) 8.71 MB
CUP2021-004, Wedding Venue, Pre-Application, Request for Review.pdf (10.21 MB) 10.21 MB
CUP2021-005, Valley Farm Transport, PC 02-16-22.pdf (4.78 MB) 4.78 MB
CUP2022-001, Pre-Application, Wags and Whiskers Pet Rescue Request for Review.docx.pdf (2.25 MB) 2.25 MB
1 CUP2021-001, Bascom, July 20, Planning Commission.pdf (11.67 MB) 11.67 MB
CUP2022-002, Stillwater Ranch, Pre-Application Comments.pdf (2.65 MB) 2.65 MB
CUP2000-0010, AMMD2021-001, Cell Tower Approval Notice.pdf (6.39 MB) 6.39 MB
CUP2022-002, Stillwater Ranch, Request for Review.pdf (15.63 MB) 15.63 MB
CUP2006-012, AMMD2023-001, EnviroPro Energy Approval Notice.pdf (8.02 MB) 8.02 MB
Notice of Intent - CUP 2022-002, Stillwater Ranch.pdf (101.98 KB) 101.98 KB
CUP2022-002, Stillwater Ranch, Staff Report, Mitigated Negative Declaration, Initial Study.pdf (24.3 MB) 24.3 MB
CUP2022-002, Stillwater Ranch, June PC approval documents.pdf (16.46 MB) 16.46 MB
BOS Appeal, July 18, 2023, CUP 2022-002, Stillwater Ranch.pdf (1.16 MB) 1.16 MB
CUP2023-001, Verizon Wireless, Planning Commission Documents.pdf (9.6 MB) 9.6 MB
CUP2023-002, Verizon Wireless, Planning Commission 02 21 24.pdf (9.1 MB) 9.1 MB
CUP2024-001, Pumpkin Patch , Request for Review.pdf (1.24 MB) 1.24 MB

Tentative Parcel Maps